Google Maps To Begin More ‘Human’ Navigation

Google Maps just released a really cool new way of giving you directions in the same way you’d give a friend directions.

By nowproducerdave on April 19, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Not necessarily “human” sounding voice (I’d rather have that slightly robotic sounding voice anyway), but more “natural” in direction giving. How far is “.7 of a mile” anyway? How do you give directions to your friends or family? You probably say “turn right when you see the tire shop,” right? That’s what Google Maps wants, too.

Some people have already been experiencing the new navigation assisting. Google is starting to roll out the new feature, and rather than saying “turn right in .6 miles on *mispronounced street name,” the navigation voice will say things like “turn right after the Taco Bell,” or “make a left turn after the Raleys.” Now that’s pretty interesting sounding, right? They’re also planning to use more recognisable brands, rather than “mom & pop shop” names. “Meryl’s Flowers” isn’t as well known as “Chipotle,” you know?

Question is – is this something you can get behind? Would you rather hear more “human” sounding directions being given to you by your phone, or do you prefer actual street names. Here’s one point – you’re driving through downtown, Old Roseville, or maybe Old Folsom. The streets are close together and sometimes when you’re glancing back and forth at your phone and looking for street names, you can pass the street you need, thinking it’s actually the one after. This also concerns safety – as you’re looking back and forth between the road and your phone. “Turn left after the In-N-Out” is a MUCH better way to have a heads-up navigation tool. We like it. Check out some more on the new feature here, and how you can make sure you have it.

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