Conor McGregor Arrested – MMA Fighter Smashed Up Bus

UFC Champion Conor McGregor was just arrested after attacking a bus full of other fighters, and might have put his future with the league at risk.

By nowproducerdave on April 6, 2018
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

After a media event for the UFC in New York, Conor McGregor was apparently angry with some of the other fighters who attended the event. As the other fighters were leaving the Barclay’s Center on a bus, Conor picked up a hand truck, and threw it into the bus through a window. In the process, he injured a couple of the other fighters, and was arrested and received a charge of criminal mischief, and 3 counts of assault.

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There’s video of the attack showing security trying to get the bus moving, seemingly quickly, to leave the arena, when you see Conor start running after the bus. He sees the hand truck, and runs to pick it up, which clearly frightened a few people, including the guy filming the video. Conor is seen pretty clearly throwing the hand truck (like it’s a toy, really), and it completely obliterates the window. Sitting behind that window was fighter Michael Chiesa who received several cuts to the face from the glass.

After the window was smashed, the bus began backing up back into the arena, and it looks like they started unloading the bus? It’s hard to tell because there were so many people gathering around. But the throwing continued. A couple folding chairs got tossed, one of which was at the bus again, and then a fight broke out. Conor apparently made contact with someone’s face, hence another one of the assault charges. He surrendered himself to police, and his future with the UFC might be at risk. President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship Dana White says that Conor has brought a lot of trouble into the UFC, but didn’t say for sure if he would be banned from fighting. Check out some more details here.

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