Zayn Malik Has Gone To Work On A Farm

Zayn has said he’s taking some time to focus on himself, work on his new album, and feed a cow or two while he’s working on a farm.

By kmvq on November 3, 2017
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

It’s true, Zayn has been working on a rural farm in Pennsylvania for a while. No, he hasn’t given up on music.

When artists are working on new material, same as authors, screenwriters, etc, they like to retreat to a new area, or maybe a vacation cabin, something like that. They want to get away from all the busy life, the distractions, and just focus on what they’re working on. For Zayn, he says that retreating to a working farm out in the middle of nowhere was a good place for him to start working on his second album. There’s even a private recording studio nearby.

He says while he’s staying there, h works on the farm as well as new material. He says the farm “is just out of the way and feels grounded. There’s not a lot of things around. I do a lot of farm work. …I take the horses out and feed the cows and that kind of stuff. It’s cool. I’ve always been ­interested in animals.”

A very unlikely place to find a mega-pop-star, but it makes sense, and if it allows him to relax, then that’s even better. He says he’s also been working on himself, after all the years in One Direction have taken a toll on his mental health and he actually developed an eating disorder. Don’t worry, he’s healthy now, and he’s just taking care of himself while he’s there.



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