When They Tell Her They Don’t Serve French Fries, Girl Accuses Taco Bell Of Being Racist [Video]

Wrong restaurant ma’am.

By kmvq on November 8, 2017
The Taco Bell logo is seen is seen in Chantilly, Virginia on January 2, 2015. AFP Photo/PAUL J. RICHARDS
(Photo credit PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

When one thinks of Taco Bell, they usually don’t think of french fries. That’s usually reserved more for fast food places like McDonald’s or Burger King.

On Tuesday, a YouTube user Media Frenzy uploaded a video of a lady accusing Taco Bell of being racist after they informed her they don’t sell french fries.

The woman approaches the counter and attempts to order a “medium fries from the dollar menu.” She is absolutely sure she is in a Burger King. The cashier explains that they have tacos or burritos because this is a Taco Bell.

Eventually, the cashier tries to help her break down the menu but the woman sounds like she’s breaking down herself. The woman decides to leave, although she doesn’t seem to know exactly what’s going on.

Funny enough, some Taco Bells are serving nacho fries, which are potato fries with a cheese dipping sauce.

You can see the video hereWarning: Explicit Language

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