Thieves Steal Shark, Disguise It As Baby In Stroller [VIDEO]

Some people went into an aquarium in broad daylight, stole a shark with plenty of witnesses around, disguised it as a baby and tried to leave.

By nowproducerdave on July 31, 2018
(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

Last time I checked, a shark doesn’t go in a stroller, and also cartoon logic doesn’t truly work in the real world. How does that pre-thieving meeting go in the criminal boardroom anyway? “Ok guys, here’s what I want to do. I want to steal a shark, but we’ll have to disguise it as a baby to get it out.”

Here’s how it went down at an aquarium in Texas. The shark was part of an interactive, open-aquarium exhibit. The three thieves (2 guys and a gal) approached the tank. The shark is a horn shark, which is usually found off the western coast of America here, and only grows to about 3-4 feet. This shark was only about 18 inches though. One of the guys grabbed the shark by its tail, and another member of the trio wrapped it in a wet towel. Then, they dropped the shark into a bucket and placed the bucket in a stroller.

Police seem to think the suspects clearly know a thing or two about aquariums. Police also think the thieves came for that specific shark. Security video shows the men, clearly, stealing the shark with plenty of witnesses around them. An employee even saw what happened and tried confronting the suspect, who eventually drove away. He even left is two friends behind. Another red-flag was that they used the stairs with the stroller, rather than an elevator. One of the suspects eventually confessed to the shark-theft, and the shark was recovered and returned to the proper aquarium. Here’s some more info on the shark-theft story.

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