Study Says This Chore Is Most Likely To Ruin Relationships

By Cody Briana on April 5, 2018
(Photo By: Joe Raedle / Getty Images)

Taking out the trash can be gross. Cleaning the bathroom can be worse! But the #1 chore most likely to ruin a relationship? Doing the dishes. My college roommates and I use to fight about this the most, so I can see it!

Esquire reports a new study from the Council of Contemporary Families found that out of all the chores, dirty dishes are the most likely to negatively impact a relationship. That is-and this is important-if women are stuck doing them more often.

Women who did most of the dishes themselves reported they were less satisfied in their relationship and had more relationship conflict. They even reported having…a worse time in bed. The happier couples say they rotate. The “I cook, you clean” seems to work the best. And fellas, help out, would ya?

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