Standing Seats Coming To Airplane Travel

A new style airplane “saddle” seat design concept has been created, and we can probably expect to see them used eventually.

By nowproducerdave on April 20, 2018
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

In effort to cram as many people on a flight as possible, designers are working with airline companies to trim down seat size as much as they can. The seats are getting smaller and closer together as time goes on, all so airlines can stuff an extra row of passengers on a flight. Now there are designs for standing seats, and, well, it’s an efficient way to use space anyway?

In all honesty, they do look somewhat comfortable, in the same way laying on your arm on the couch is comfortable – at first. After about 10 minutes you can’t feel your hand, and when you sit up your arm flails around and knocks drinks off the table and your bowl of popcorn goes everywhere. I’ve seen it a hundred times. There’s one new design that’s being called the “saddle,” and it’s literally a standing seat, sort of like what you’d see on a stand-up rollercoaster at a theme park. They’re toying with calling the new seating “super economy class,” and the seats take up about 6-9 inches less room than the average regular economy class. That’s pretty significant when you get to the end of a bunch of rows – they say they can add about 20% more passengers to a plane.

SOmeone who tried the seats out says that the actual seat isn’t too bad, but that his knees would hit the seat back of the seat in front of him – and he’s 5-foot-11. They don’t seem to have adjustable height to accommodate for different sized passengers, but we’re not surprised about that. The seats make perfect sense if you’re flying from here to LA, or maybe Seattle, something like that. But if you’ve got to fly to NY from Sac, you’ll probably want to spend the extra for a “regular” seat. However, they’re not really coming any time “soon,” it’s really a concept and an experiment by designers, but at some point in coming years, we’re sure to see them. Check out the pictures of the seat concept here.

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