School bus issues – AGAIN!!!

By Doug Lazy on August 18, 2010

I kid you  not, my friend’s daughter was taken off the right school bus again today!

Click here to read what happened yesterday.

The bus driver on the RIGHT bus was apparently not informed that Hanna was supposed to be on his bus, so he made her get off the bus!  He told her I don’t have a seat for you.  She must have been thinking OH NO HERE WE GO AGAIN!  She got off and he closed the door!  Luckily a teacher came over before the bus pulled away and they figured out that she was in fact supposed to be on that bus!

Wouldn’t you think that after a mix up that almost left a 5 year old kid stranded in the middle of a strange neighborhood ALONE they would have made sure they had the kinks worked out??

Click here to hear my friend Orlando at our sister station talking about her story on the air this morning… parents had some choice words!!

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