Prince 20TEN

By Doug Lazy on June 30, 2010

Prince will release a new album this summer, appropriately titled “20Ten”. Fans should expect to hear strong funk and new wave elements on “20Ten”. True to form, Prince is choosing an unusual way to bring this album to the world.


According to Spinner, Prince will release ’20Ten’ as a newspaper add-on. Meaning, the album will be available through several papers over Europe, first Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad on July 10. On July 22, he’ll give it away to German fans, via Germany’s Rolling Stone magazine. And according to the Guardian the new album will also be given away in the UK’s Daily Mirror and Daily Record, and in France’s on July 10.

No Global release date is set yet, and it is still unknown how Prince plans on releasing it in the US.  For now, here is the full track list.

1. “Compassion”
2. “Endlessly Beginning”
3. “Future Soul Song”
4. “Sticky Like Glue”
5. “Lavaux”
6. “Act Of God”
7. “Walk In Sand”
8. “Sea Of Everything”
9. “Everybody Loves Me”
10. “Untitled Bonus Track”

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