Moms Can Be Scary, And Even This Bear Didn’t Want To Mess With One [VIDEO]

Dad can be firm, but when this Lake Tahoe woman’s “mom voice” comes out, even a bear will run and hide.

By nowproducerdave on July 17, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As we were growing up, we learned that we can “press buttons” when it came to our parents. Dad was always stern and firm, and usually got a point across pretty well. Mom was usually the nicer one who let a little more slide. But when mom got angry and brought out her “mom voice,” even dad would hide.

This woman from Lake Tahoe is a mother. She was standing on her porch recording video of a bear running around in the courtyard outside her home. The bear suddenly came towards her, and started coming up her front steps. The mom, at first, was a little frightened, as we’d all be. But then a switch just clicked, and she brought out her mom voice. That bear stopped dead in its tracks, turned around, and ran off like a 4-year-old who was just caught trying to get a cookie after bed time. Check out the video:

Experts say that this mom did the right thing, actually. They say, according to the the website, “when encountering a bear at your residence, you should act territorial and don’t be afraid to make noise. Go ahead and yell at the animal and stomp your feet.”

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