Millennials Are Having ‘Quarter Life Crises’

Quarter-life crises happen in the mid-20s, and involve a lot of stress, and sometimes even time off from their careers.

By kmvq on November 16, 2017
(Photo credit MANON JACOB/AFP/Getty Images)

A sort of “junior” to the mid-life crisis, a quarter life crisis is exactly that, half of mid, so mid-20s. The exact age, on average, has been revealed though. It’s 26 years and 9 months old, on average.

What’s involved in a quarter-life crisis? Well, a majority of millennials, aged 25-33, say that the things that happen are mostly stress-related. 59% say that they’re stressed out about what sort of career move to make as they’re starting out their careers in general. 49% say they aren’t making enough money, and 44% say that buying a house isn’t financially attainable. Another 25% even went so far as to take a “career break.” That just doesn’t sound like a good idea in general, but maybe it’s a good move in some cases?

Anyway, the survey was conducted by LinkedIn, and involved about 6,000 “millennials” from all over the world. Millennials are catching a lot of flack for being generally irresponsible though, whether they’re taking luxurious vacations during a year off “break” from school, buying too much fancy coffee, living in expensive neighborhoods, or spending a fortune on their bachelorette parties. There are plenty of “millennial-aged” people out there who “have it together.” In a quarter-life crisis something you’ve even heard of before now, or is it just one of those new made-up terms used to bash on millennials? Don’t most of us worry about not making enough money? Even if we’re not “worried,” we’d still like more, right? Wouldn’t we all want a year off from our jobs?

Just saying.


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