Mila Kunis Flashed Her UPS Driver At Her Home

Mila Kunis admitted that she flashed her UPS driver, and tells the story, as well as the reason why it wasn’t a big deal.

By kmvq on November 2, 2017
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

For any of us who order things from Amazon a lot (so, like, all of us), we’ve probably gotten used to having the same delivery driver, whether it’s UPS, FedEx, Amazon themselves, or otherwise. Even our USPS courier is likely the same person day-to-day. The point is that we start to recognise these people, we get to know them, especially if you’ve lived in the same place for years, and have the same driver every time.

Well, Mila Kunis has had the same person dropping off her UPS packages for years, and she’s gotten to know him pretty well. No, that’s not why she flashed him, we’ll get to that.

So she just gave birth to baby Dimitri just about a year ago (Nov 30, 2016), and tells this story about what happened about 3 days after that. She was home, she was walking around the house with Dimitri, and got hot. She took her shirt off, and continued walking around with Dimitri, skin-to-skin. That’s when she noticed the UPS guy dropping a package off on her porch. She added that you can see straight through the window by the front door, and there he was, looking up because he saw movement, and there she was, standing shirtless with Dimitri.

She says she didn’t care, she was doing the mothering thing, and says that she feels more bad for the delivery guy. Oops. Hey, it happens.


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