Trends: Backstreet Boys vs. NKOTB: Which Boy Band Wins?

By Doug Lazy on August 19, 2010

Amongst all the talk of an impending joint tour between Backstreet Boys and New Kids On The Block it looks like fans are forgetting the most important question: which band is the most popular?

Lucky for you, listeners using record all of the songs they play, every time they play them. Which means Trends can prove who comes out on top once and for all.

Looking at the profiles for the band’s seemed to make it pretty clear just who would win in a fan showdown,

Storming ahead with 666,779 listeners to date, Backstreet Boys dominate the pair in terms of raw listeners. It gets even more impressive comparing scrobbles – the tracks played by listeners – when you discover the boys boast an impressive 14,837,958 ahead of just 1,586,614 for NKOTB, almost ten times the number.

But of the most recent material the picture is a little different.

While Backstreet Boys are still ahead with This Is Us, their lead has been cut dramatically. New Kids On The Block’s comeback record The Block has done the group pretty well, generating 433,856 scrobbles since its release in 2008.

To make sure the songs you play count head to now. You can scrobble the songs you play to discover new music you’ll love, while contributing to charts like these.

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