Kim Kardashian Can’t Go To Australia

Kim Kardashian can’t get (her perfume) into Australia, at least not legally, and Australians want their money back. See why it’s been banned.

By nowproducerdave on December 6, 2017
(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Variety)

Well, her perfume can’t make the hop across the water, anyway. It’s been deemed “flammable/hazardous material.” We also can’t help but chuckle when we say “Kim Kardashian’s perfume has been deemed hazardous.” lol

It’s effecting other countries too, but the largest to have an issue in Australia. New Zealand is in the complaints also. Basically what everyone is saying is that they ordered the perfume, paid for it, and the website didn’t say anything about a “blackout” area, so they figured it was all good to go for ordering and shipping. Turns out that because of the alcohol content in the perfume, package carriers don’t want to chance carrying it due to a potential fire hazard. Thus, flammable/hazardous material. Shipping it by ground is perfectly fine, but there’s an issue when you try to put things like that on airplanes. Every package handler has different requirements for shipping things that might boom, but they all pretty much agree on the no air-travel rule. You might be allowed to have a bottle in your checked luggage on a flight, but when you try to ship several boxes full of the stuff, it raises an eyebrow.

Insiders that have worked directly with Kim on her perfume project say that they were told everything would be fine when they first started selling the bottles, but later discovered that they couldn’t ship overseas. They’re working on contacting the customers who purchased the perfume, and say they’ll be offering refunds to those who can’t get their bottles.

But this might mean there’s some new inventory that might be up for grabs pretty soon, if you were interested. Here’s the original story on the perfume.


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