Katy Perry Has Another Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO]

Katy Perry has another wardrobe malfunction on “American Idol,” and we chose the word “has” deliberately.

By nowproducerdave on April 17, 2018
(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)

We say “has” rather than “suffers” because let’s be honest – these are clearly being used to the advantage of marketing. And hey look, it’s working, we’re talking about it. Is anyone else getting sick of these “wardrobe malfunctions” though? This is a rant.

Ok, so here goes. “American Idol” was filming/airing, and Katy Perry split her pants open. Ok, that sucks, but here’s how it happened. Katy was sitting in a chair, her back was to the back of the stage. There was nobody behind her, she was facing the audience, and the chair has a closed back. She leaned forward in the chair, and that’s when she apparently popped a seam on the back of her pants. Rather than casually lean back in the chair like nothing happened (because literally nobody would have noticed), she exclaimed to the world, “I just split my pants!” She then proceeded to stand up, turn around, bend over, and not only SHOW her split pants and butt to the world, it appeared as if she actually spread her cheeks. Luckily the “American Idol” producers were at the ready with an “American Idol” logo to cover the split, no pun intended. And here’s the other thing – even if she stood up and walked off stage during a commercial break, there was a flap of fabric on her top half (shirt/onesie, can’t really tell anymore) that was long enough to cover the split anyway. No problem!

Ok here’s the deal – when did wardrobe malfunctions go from “aww crap, oops, I hope this doesn’t get on the internet,” to “hey look my butt is hanging out!”? When did creating quality content that people tune in for take a back seat to cheap-shots like Katy Perry spreading her cheeks for millions to see on national television? This isn’t the first time Katy has had a “wardrobe malfunction” on “American Idol” either – a few weeks ago she “fell” on stage while conveniently wearing a mini-skirt, totally exposing everything. Once again, rather than editing out the “accident,” “American Idol” producers went ahead and aired the incident, again with that little logo covering the “areas.” Modern-day television – really putting the last 3-letters in “class.”

See also: Katy Perry stuffs chicken nuggets in her mouth.

It’s probably less about the wardrobe malfunctions and more about marketing now. People click on wardrobe malfunction stories because they want to see something salacious, and the “American Idol” producers are taking full advantage of that fact, and doing it at Katy Perry’s expense. But she’s also making north of $20 million for her time spent on the show this season anyway, so is it really “at her expense?” End rant.

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