Jimmy Fallon Picks Up $1,136 Dinner Bill For Respectful Diners

A group of people that sat next to Jimmy Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, at Il Mulino in the Hamptons got a major surprise from the comedian at the end of their meal.

By austind03 on September 4, 2018
Jimmy Fallon Nice, Il Mulino, Hamptons, Nancy Juvonen
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When these people sat near Jimmy Fallon in a Hamptons restaurant named Il Mulino, they got a major surprise.

The restaurant’s manager, Enzo Lentini, recently explained the cute situation to Us Magazine. He revealed that Fallon and his wife, Nancy Juvonen, are frequent patrons of Il Mulino. However, this time, due to the comedian’s A-list status and a busier than usual dining area, the couple had to travel through the kitchen so the two could maintain some privacy.

However, they still ended up eating next to a pair of middle-aged couples who had already been seated. The couples obviously recognized Fallon, but weren’t sure if they should say anything.

Lentini explained:

 “They were debating. I overheard the conversation when I walked by and they were saying, ‘Should we say hello? Should we let them have dinner and give them some privacy?’”

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In the end, they decided to be polite and didn’t say anything to Fallon and Juvonen. However, it turns out that Fallon heard their conversation himself and appreciated how respectful they were. So, the comedian walked over to their table at the end of his dinner to talk to them. Lentini revealed:

“I didn’t hear the whole conversation when he walked over to them, but from what I did gather I heard him say, ‘I appreciate the fact that you gave us privacy and I want to thank you for that and I wanted to do something nice for you.’”

In a kind gesture, Fallon paid for the other table’s entire bill, which totaled $1,136. Lentini added:

“They were very sweet about it and they were very nice about it all. It just turned out very well.”

We always thought Jimmy Fallon seemed like a nice guy, and stories like this just prove it more!

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