Woman Claims Dog Is Vegetarian, Gets Proven Wrong Immediately [VIDEO]

A woman who claims to have a vegetarian dog was immediately proven wrong in a hilarious way after going on live-TV for an interview.

By nowproducerdave on August 31, 2018
(Photo by George Pickow/Three Lions/Getty Images)

Long version short, this nice lady thought her dog wanted to be a vegetarian, so she started buying meat-free food. Fast forward to an interview with the “vegetarian dog” on live TV, and her theory went down like a lead balloon.

Lucy Carrington is a nice lady. She has a beautiful husky pupper named Storm. Lucy says that Storm, at the beginning of the summer, was no longer interested in her regular dog food. Lucy then thought that perhaps Storm wanted to go on a vegetarian diet. I’m not exactly certain how she came to that conclusion, but that’s what she thought. Anyway, Lucy bought vegetable-based food for Storm, and left the normal meat-based foods at the store. Word got out about the “vegetarian dog,” and eventually the two made it onto a morning TV show to be interviewed.

The show had Lucy, Storm, and a guest veterinarian. The veterinarian was talking about how, if given the choice, the dog would prefer to have a choice. Lucy argued that Storm wasn’t interested in the choice of meat earlier in the summer, but loved the vegetarian food. Well, the show put two bowls of food down on the floor; one was vegetarian and the other was meat-based. Guess which one the dog immediately went for.

LOL. I love Lucy’s comment – “Oh you little..” Then she made a comment about how the weather has cooled down some, hinting at that being the reason she went for the meat food. I love it when animals embarrass us. It’s not like we should be embarrassed, they’re animals, but still. A cute story to start your weekend off. See more on Storm here. How has your animal embarrassed you? Did he or she ever trick you to believe something?

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