IPhone X Reviews Are Coming In, See What They’re Saying

Apple’s new iPhone X is coming out this week, but the early review units have been tested and critiqued.

By kmvq on November 1, 2017
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

So Apple’s new iPhone X (ten) is set to be released to the public in a couple days now, and the early reviews are starting to come in. Overall it’s good news, but there are some issues, and we’ll get to them.

Let’s start with the screen. Many tech reviewers are saying they’re impressed by the screen. It’s got “bright, touchable colors” and “inky blacks.” The screen goes almost all the way to the edge of the phone, but up top, there’s the “notch,” as it’s been dubbed. It’s being said that you actually get used to the notch being there, and it doesn’t really get in your way when you get used to using the phone. The notch is there for the earpiece speaker and a couple sensors, including the front-facing camera which is also used for the face unlock feature.

Facial unlocking (Face ID) works well. Very well. It will even learn your face and recognize you on days you wear hats, scarves, sunglasses, or all three. Twins? No problem, it’s apparently secure from that too. For guys, it will even recognize them if they shave/grow their beard. Pretty cool. It might have to “learn” a change, but once it does, it keeps its memory. Pretty nifty.

The rear camera is being called “good,” but many reviewers are saying the latest Samsung and Google phones still do it better. The iPhone X camera IS better than the iPhone 8 and 8+ cameras though, says several reviewers, and one says that the colors it captures are “closer to life” than Samsung.

Those are some of the basic points that we came across, but you can see an even greater collection of reviews here, here, and here.

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