Hubby says "Yes Dear" for a month!

By Doug Lazy on July 20, 2010

This couple made a deal – to better their marriage, the husband agreed to say yes to everything his wife asked him to do for 30 days… and he actually followed through and DID it!

Foot massages, back massages, cooking, listening to her… she even had him pick the olives out of her salad!

But guess what – it improved their marriage!  Men should be more obedient 🙂

If you had your man by the cajones for 30 days what would you have him do?

You can call me to discuss starting at 9am.  916-766-1005 – Maybe we can get your man to do just 1 thing you want for 30 days!

Click here for the article from momlogic and video from CBS News.

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