Frankie Muniz’s Cat Floods His Home

Frankie Muniz, from “Dancing with the Stars” and “Malcolm in the Middle” returned home from a trip to find a flooded home, and he says it’s because of his cat.

By nowproducerdave on November 19, 2018
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Cats hate water, that’s basically a fact, and apparently Frankie Muniz’s cat hates his house, too. Frankie returned home from France to find his 5-story home flooded and destroyed.

How can that happen, you may ask? Well, only 4 of the 5 stories were flooded, and the flood came from within. Frankie Muniz had to travel to France recently. His uncle had passed away, and Frankie was attending the funeral. He left his home safe and secure and began his travelling. 45 hours later, he returned home to find 3-feet of water in the home, and, according to Frankie, all of his belongings destroyed.

Apparently while he was away, his cat managed to turn on a sink upstairs. After almost 2-straight days of running water, it overflowed the sink, and began filling the home. The water came down through the walls, soaking into the wood. The art that was hanging on the walls was totally saturated. Anything that was in the way of the water became totally soaked. Frankie’s girlfriend says that the walls have to be torn out due to the possibility of mold. All of their things that were destroyed by the water have to be thrown out.

Frankie’s girlfriend, Paige Price, has been “strong and exactly what I need,” he says. Paige has helped Frankie get through the funeral and the house disaster. And then while staying in a hotel while his home gets worked on, the fire alarm started going off during the night, and they had to evacuate from there.

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