Earlobe Reduction Surgery – Why And How

Earlobe reduction surgery exists, and it’s been getting much more popular recently. Here is your guide to the procedure.

By nowproducerdave on January 23, 2018
(Photo by Joern Pollex/Getty Images for Lena Hoschek)

It’s the latest cosmetic surgery procedure sweeping the nation. Ok that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s still exploding in popularity. This isn’t necessarily a thing that someone will get done just to change the way they look, not like botox or lip injections, anything like that. It does sound silly, but people really re getting their earlobes reshaped and downsized. It’s been around for several years already though, but it’s really gaining in popularity recently.

The reason is because, well, typically as we age, skin loosens up some. If we wear earrings, that adds weight to the ears as well. Over time, the lobes sag and stretch. How does the surgery work? Well, just like a tooth filling, you get a local anesthetic. Once your ear is good and numb, the surgeon will slice a chunk of it out. Well, they call the chunk a “wedge,” but we know what they really mean. Once the “wedge” is removed, the part that’s still hanging loose is reattached to “the head,” probably with some kind of glue or stitches, they didn’t really say. That process will then give a “smaller and more youthful look.”

Patients have been having this procedure done more recently since the “larger earring” trend has been getting a bit more popular (or maybe they had gauges in their ears back in high-school, they didn’t really say), and some patients are opting for filler injections too, rather than having pieces cut out. Depending on exactly what you need done, the procedure can cost several thousand dollars.

The latest money-grab in the plastic surgery world, or a reasonable sounding surgery, considering many years of wearing earrings?


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