DiGiorno Calls Out Papa John’s After Pizza Chain Blamed NFL For Declining Sales

Now that’s some saucy shade!

By kmvq on November 3, 2017
MIRAMAR, FL - NOVEMBER 18: Terry Cheung prepares a pizza pie to be served to students at Everglades High School on November 18, 2011 in Miramar, Florida. Monday evening the United States Congress passed a spending bill with a provision that would allow schools to count pizza as a vegetable.
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, Papa John’s CEO blamed the NFL and their handling of the National Anthem protests for the decline of pizza sales.

People took to Twitter to make fun of the franchise for their statement.

However, one pizza competitor took a stab at Papa John’s.

On Thursday morning, the following subtweet was sent out from their official Twitter account:

And just so it was painfully clear who they were throwing shade at, DiGiorno followed its initial tweet with this one:

BOOM! Naturally, people were impressed with their dis.


Papa John’s tried to make a comeback by updating its bio, writing one scathing line: “Frozen pizza = the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy.”

However, people were not impressed.

After this round: DiGiorno – 1, Papa John’s – 0

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