Demi Lovato Fans Attacking Her Former Friend Online

Demi Lovato fans banded together online to attack a former friend of the pop singer after she threw some shade at Demi on social media.

By Admin on May 3, 2018
demi lovato
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Demi Lovato posted a cryptic tweet this morning, calling out some shady behavior.

She wrote:

“Do me a favor, stop existing in my life and then stop trying to get attention by publicly shading me knowing the reaction you’ll get from my fans”

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The Blast believes that the tweet was directed towards Marissa Callahan, a former friend of Demi’s. Marissa took to social media to post a series of messages calling out Demi for not attending her birthday party. Demi’s die-hard fans took screenshots of the posts and sent them to the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer.

In one of her messages, Marissa wrote:

“Ain’t funny how certain people talk to you because they think you’ll help them to get in touch with certain celebrities but as soon as you say you don’t talk to that celebrity anymore they stop talking to you like they don’t know you exist. So many fake people in the world.”

She also posted:

“Bye bye b–ch”

Demi seems to have publicly responded to Marissa and is now moving on.

Click here to read Marissa’s messages.

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