A Possible Formula for finding Idol Judges?

By Doug Lazy on August 19, 2010

With time ticking away until the new season of Idol begins I am sure there is a little panic behind the scenes in trying to find new judges.

I think that I have figured out Idol’s formula for picking its new judges. America loved Paula because she was crazy, but also because she was talented at one point in her life. Kara was great for Idol because of her eye and ear for talent, plus she was easy to look at. Could the “Idol Judge Formula” really be this easy to crack? Click More to find out!

What would happen if you put Paula and Kara in a big hypothetical gene pool used only for creating judges…… I combined Paula and Kara’s photo’s and did a picture search and guess who’s photo came up. Steven Tyler…taadaa, its magic my friends! Its creepy that all three look so similar. Even if that isnt the way Idol came about getting Steven on board, it will be a great season with him and I look forward to it.  -Brian

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