See The Letter The Director Of ‘Lady Bird’ Wrote To Justin Timberlake [VIDEO]

“Lady Bird,” filmed here in Sacramento, has a connection to Justin Timberlake in a way, after he gave the director one of his songs for the movie.

By nowproducerdave on November 22, 2017
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for EIF)

Greta Gerwig, director and writer of the Sacramento based and filmed movie “Lady Bird” wanted to use a song in her movie. The song is “Cry Me a River,” and it was a big hit during the time in which the movie is based.

Greta was discussing the movie on Seth Meyers’ show Monday night, and they got on the topic of music, and what it meant to her. She talked about how when she was going to school in the early 2000s, Justin Timberlake’s album “Justified” was THE album to have at the time, saying that the album “owned” that year. She read aloud the letter that she wrote to Justin, asking him for permission to use his song in her movie.

She wrote a great letter, which you can see right here. The song, of course, is also below just in case you wanted to hear it again.

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