A Sacramento Pumpkin Patch Was Just Voted As Second Best In The Country

A Sacramento-area pumpkin patch was just voted as second best in the country, and they’re not the only one in Northern California to be named top-patch.

By WKBW on October 10, 2018
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

It’s fall, and it’s close to Halloween, and that means pumpkins. Where there’s pumpkin, there has to be land to grow those pumpkins. Enter pumpkin patches. Sacramento has quite a few, and one of our favorites is Dave’s Pumpkin Patch over in West Sacramento.

However, this magazine has voted another Sacramento area pumpkin patch as #2 in the whole country. Side note – the #1 pumpkin patch is out in Half Moon Bay, so there’s something to be said about California patches, just saying. The one the magazine (Travel & Leisure) voted as number 2 is on this side of the river though. It’s right off the Garden Hwy, over by the airport. If you’re nodding your head right now, you know which one it is. It’s Uncle Ray’s Pumpkin Patch. KCRA took a trip out there, and gave a pretty quick tour of the grounds and the things they offer, like a hay bale maze, a cow-train ride, and some slide and playground areas.

Bottom line, whether you like Uncle Ray’s, or still prefer Dave’s Pumpkin Patch, we’ve got some good pumpkin-ing here in and around Sacramento. Pumpkin-ing? Yeah, I’ll go with it. Do you and your family go out to find pumpkins for Halloween? Are you a pumpkin-carving jack-o-lantern expert? See the other top-25 pumpkin patches here.

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