Record Store Plays Taylor Swift’s New Album Early

A record store might be in some hot water after playing Taylor Swift’s new album a full 4 days before its actual release date.

By kmvq on November 8, 2017
(Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The album “Reputation” comes out on Friday, but this record store is feeling the heat after playing the entire album early over the store’s overhead speakers for all shoppers to hear.

Stores get physical copies of albums early so they can prep for inventory. The album has a specific release date of Friday, the 10th, but that wasn’t stopping them from listening to the album. There’s no official word from Taylor Swift’s camp yet about any legal issues (are there even any?), but fans of Taylor were pretty angry about it, saying it was “just rude” of the store to play it early, since the album isn’t available for sale.

So far, nothing has leaked online in the form of .MP3s, but we’re sure some people are breaking a sweat in the management room. The tracklist has been revealed, by Taylor herself, and there’s a collab with Ed Sheeran!

3 days until #reputation

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