Overweight Woman Overcharged at Nail Salon!

By Doug Lazy on August 24, 2010

This is just unbelievable to me!  It’s just crazy how it’s become acceptable to treat overweight people like crap!!  This woman went to a nail salon and was charged $5 extra because of her size!!

The salon employee says they had to charge her that extra 5 bucks because she could have broken their $2500 chair that has a 200lb weight capacity.  WHAT???????? 

I mean do they have an insurance policy on the chair?  Is there a sign posted with a scale next to the chair and you have to pay the 5 bucks before you sit in it if you aren’t under 200lb… which by the way… isn’t really all that heavy, especially for tall people or men!! 

I just don’t get how this is happening and people get away with it.  I do understand that if you take up 2 seats on a plane you should have to pay for 2 seats… but this is just crazy!  And the salon’s “logic” is just not logical – charging someone $5 just in case she breaks a $2500 chair???  What’s that 5 bucks gonna do??  Get a more durable, less expensive, chair!!!

Click here to read the story from momlogic.

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