No Surprise – Tooth Jewelry Is Bad For Your Teeth

Tooth jewelry is apparently a hot new Hollywood trend, but it’s going to start causing some hot new dental issues pretty soon.

By nowproducerdave on April 30, 2018
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Tooth jewelry is a thing, and it’s getting more popular with celebrities. We’re not talking about those “grillz” that rappers would wear, we’re talking about actually gluing diamonds to your teeth. Katy Perry, Pink, and Hailey Baldwin have all had tooth jewelry. Here’s an example; see the little gems?

because why not 🤷🏼‍♀️💎💍💍

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The dentist who has been installing the gems says it’s pretty harmless, and that it’s a really simple technique. “Grills can be difficult because you have to take them out and they’re hard to speak and eat with, but what I’m doing now is adhering diamonds to the teeth and they can stay there all the time,” Dr. Anjali Rajpal says. “I like to make something fun and since there’s no damage to the tooth structure … all I do is polish off the gem and polish back the tooth structure, so they can easily change it up,” she continued. So simple a caveman can do it! Not really obviously, but she makes it sounds like it’s as simple as changing an earring.

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Other dentists aren’t impressed though, and say that it can really damage your teeth. “It can chip your teeth and cause calcification (the white deposits usually found on the enamel after taking off braces),” he told us via email. “Tooth jewelry can also trap bacteria and food particles below it and underneath your teeth, which can cause bad breath. It’s also extremely terrible for the gums, as it can cause inflammation that can lead to a bevy of additional dental issues,” Dr. Michael Apa said, who works with the Olsen twins, Uma Thurman, and other celebs. The people most at risk – those with veneers, so basically most celebrities anyway. Here’s some more info about tooth jewelry, and why it’s such a bad idea. As if we really needed anyone to tell us.

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