Man Licked By Dog Ends Up Losing Both Legs And Arms

A man was licked by a dog, got a bacterial disease from the saliva, and had to have both legs and portions of his arms amputated.

By nowproducerdave on August 1, 2018
(Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

We feel so terrible about this story, it’s really scary! This man had to have his legs and arms amputated due to a bacterial infection he got from his dog.

Greg, a healthy 48-year-old man loves riding his Harley, and he loves dogs. He was home one day when he started feeling a little under the weather. He figured he had the flu, and went to get checked out. A short while later, he found himself in the emergency room. He had bruising all over his body. His wife, Dawn, says it looked like someone hit him over and over with a baseball bat. “It hit him with a vengeance,” she says. Some blood testing revealed that a bacteria called “capnocytophaga” gave him a pretty bad infection.

Doctors say that he got the infection from a dog that licked his leg. The saliva of the dog contains the bacteria, and it somehow got into his body. It had an unusually bad reaction in this case though. Within a week, Greg’s limbs were dying due to dropped blood pressure. They had to remove both of his legs below the knee, and a portion of both arms. Greg told doctors to “take what you need but keep me alive.” Doctors say this case is an absolute fluke, and that 99% of the time nobody will have any reaction like this. See some more info here.

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