Katy Perry’s Assistant Saved Her Dog With Mouth-To-Mouth

Katy Perry’s dog Nugget fell off a bed, and had to be brought back with pupper CPR administered by Katy’s assistant.

By nowproducerdave on June 6, 2018
(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for New York Magazine)

Katy Perry has a little pup named Nugget. Nugget is travelling through Europe with Katy as she’s on tour over there now. In the hotel, Nugget jumped off the bed and became “unresponsive.” That’s where the story begins.

Katy’s assistant, Tamra, told the story on Katy’s Instagram Stories. Tamra says that when Nugget jumped up, she somehow fell off the bed. It was then that she became “unresponsive.” In what we’re assuming was more of a panic moment (they told the story pretty calmly), that’s when CPR began. Tamra says “Nugget jumped and fell off the bed and became unresponsive and I gave her CPR. I pushed on her little chest and blew in her mouth and I brought her back to life.” She then demonstrated in the video how she performed CPR on Nugget.

Here’s a picture of Nugget:

Katy says that Nugget was “blacked out” for about three minutes during this situation. She continues to call her assistant, Tamra, a “hero” for saving Nugget and bringing her back to life. A scary situation, we’re always worried about our pets. That something as simple as falling off a bed had such a major effect on the little dog has us paranoid. Katy and/or Tamra did later take the dog to the vet, as she reported later that Nugget had to get an IV. See some more pictures and info here.

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