Katy Perry And Russell Brand: The Angel And The Addict

By Doug Lazy on August 16, 2010

Katy Perry Russel Brand

[lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] and Russell Brand are taking Hollywood by storm.  Russell has risen from cult comedy hero to movie star.   Katy is well on her way to cementing herself as a pop goddess.  Her song “California Gurls” is the hottest single of the summer. Her album Teenage Dream is about to drop.  Plus, she’s set to play a killer free, streaming show as part of the Live on Letterman concert series on August 24, 2010 (5pm PT/8pm ET).

 Russell and Katy met on the set of his 2010 film “Get Him To The Greek.”   Katy made a cameo in the film.  The script called for the two to kiss.  After the kiss, both rising stars were smitten.  According to Katy, after their scene she was  “hopping like a bunny” with excitement.

Shortly after the shoot, the stars ran into each other again at the Video Music Awards.  Brand hosted the event and Katy performed.  While neither of them won awards, they came out of the night winners and in love.  Since then, the members of the couple are seemingly connected at the hip.  She accompanies him to all his film premieres and he is almost always by her side at awards ceremonies.

While Katy and Russell come from vastly different backgrounds, they are fiercely dedicated to each other. Katy grew up in sunny Santa Barbara, California as the daughter of deeply religious preachers. She was a budding star on the Christian music scene before transitioning to Pop. Russell, grew up on the mean streets of London. As he achieved more success in the comedy world, his addiction to be sex and heroin began to get the best of him. The “Get Him To Greek” star has since cleaned up and has been sober for over a half a decade. The two have learned to bridge the relationship gap. In a recent interview, Katy thanks Russell for keeping her on the straight and narrow.  “I’m happy that Russell is sober because it’s had a good influence on me. It steers me in a more positive direction.”

The couple announced their engagement only four months after they started dating.  Russell, proposed to Katy in Jaipur, India while they were on vacation.   Details about their nuptials have mostly been kept secret.  The location will be Hawaii and the date is sometime in October, but no other information has been officially released.  Internet rumors suggest a ridiculous guest list, a latex wedding dress and a clothing optional congregation.  However they choose to celebrate their nuptials, one thing is sure, the two will always be each other’s champions.

Remember to come back on August 24, 2010 (5pm PT/8pm ET) to watch Katy’s Live on Letterman concert.

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