How was your weekend?

By Doug Lazy on August 23, 2010

First of all thank you for all the well wishes on my birthday (today!) It’s been only a couple of months and I feel so happy to have you as a listener. Thank you for making me a part of your daily routine in the afternoon. What’s been the funniest/strangest/different thing you’ve seen at a weddding?

I have a wedding DJ business and have my share of stories. What happened to me on this last weekend is a first! I was running the ceremonial music for Enrique and Heidi Flores at a popular public park (which will remain nameless). As the procession marched through the beautiful rose garden, the sprinklers came on full blast getting everyone wet! Here’s the funniest part, I had myself and equipment on top of a sprinkler head! I was like BP, trying to cover the sprinller head with every part of my body only to make it worse and squirt everywhere! The rest of the wedding went off without a hitch. LOL

All birthday have one thing in common, the dreaded chain restaurant sing along! Which one has the cheesiest sing along?

How about what place has the coolest “Freebie” ? Hit me up on the air! 766 1005!

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