Calvin Harris And Girlfriend Crash In LA

Calvin Harris and his girlfriend were in a car crash over the weekend, and there were some minor injuries.

By nowproducerdave on May 8, 2018
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Coachella)

Taylor Swift’s ex Calvin Harris and his new girlfriend Aarika Wolf crashed into someone pretty hard this weekend. The two were driving behind a car that turned, and they ran into the side of that car. They were ok, but the two women in the car they hit had some minor injuries.

It happened this past weekend. Calvin and Aarika were heading to a party they were invited to. They were following a white car that started to make a left turn onto a driveway. As that car was turning, apparently Aarika (who was driving) didn’t slow down and ran into the side of the white car. The side-impact airbags went off, and the two girls were injured in the crash. Their primary complaint though was that neither Calvin nor Aarika asked either of the women if they were ok. They did say they’re planning to file a police report and that they are experiencing pain after the collision.

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What’s a little confusing though is that the report says that Calvin and Aarika were waiting at one of their homes for the SUV to come pick them up. The report also says that Aarika was driving that SUV in the crash. It doesn’t sound like it was an Uber or anything like that. We can only conclude they had an SUV dropped off that they then drove off in, and didn’t have an actual driver. We’re sure there will be some more details released later. Check here for some more info.

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