Apple’s New Animoji Recreate Iconic Movie Scenes [VIDEO]

Some genius made a video using Apple’s new Animoji over actors in a handful of iconic movie scenes and it’s the best thing you’ll see today.

By kmvq on November 7, 2017
(Photo credit ELIJAH NOUVELAGE/AFP/Getty Images)

Ok, so with the release of the new iPhone X, Apple has released what they’re calling “Animoji.” Animoji are regular emoji, but they’re animated and they work in similar fashion to a Snapchat filter. By using the facial scanning technology Apple have released on the new iPhone, the Animoji can be used to express a message or emotion. The mouth moves, eyes look around/blink, they can simulate various facial expressions, basically anything your face can do.

Some genius out there in Internetland decided to remake some famous and iconic movie scenes using the new Animoji, and it’s just as hilarious as you’d expect, especially during the more serious moments. Here’s a clip, it’s about a minute long, and does contain unedited dialogue from the movies, so expect some foul language, especially considering the first scene is from “Pulp Fiction.”

To be totally honest, we weren’t sure about the new iPhone X being a necessity until now. How can we go through our day any more knowing that we’re missing out on Animoji?

Here’s a demo of how the Animoji actually work:

How cool!

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