Why You Should Always Deadbolt Your Hotel Door [VIDEO]

This guy was staying in a hotel and decided to share with the world why you should always deadbolt the hotel door when you’re in the room.

By nowproducerdave on March 27, 2018
(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

This man demonstrates in a quick video the importance of locking the deadbolt on your hotel room door. I stress “quick video,” because it really shows just how quickly anyone with any experience at all can get into your room, despite that flimsy metal locking latch. Granted, the guy seems to run a YouTube channel on lockpicking, but he didn’t have to pick a lock at all here. Within about 20 seconds he had the door cracked open, and was able to disengage the swing-lever lock using just a menu from one of the nearby pizza places.

This door may be in a hotel that’s a little on the worn down side (you can see light leaking around the door), or it may be like any regular hotel, we’re not given much context (besides “in Tampa near the stadium”), but the takeaway here is that you should always use the deadbolt to lock your hotel room, even if you’re only going in and back out for a couple minutes. However, if you’re NOT in your room and can’t actually latch the deadbolt, well, take this video as another reason not to leave anything of any sort of value in your room when you’re going out somewhere. Deadbolt your house too. And I don’t mean one of those “key on the outside, lever on the inside” sort of locks that someone can open after breaking the window and reaching through – I mean a key on the inside and outside. Lock it down!

Have you ever had anything stolen from a hotel room? Were you in the room when someone tried to get in?

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