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Possible Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Breakup

Uh-oh, looks like things aren’t going so well in the Bieber-Gomez camp recently. They were off to such a strong re-start, too.

Uh-oh, looks like things aren’t going so well in the Bieber-Gomez camp recently. They were off to such a strong re-start too, we hope these rumors are just exaggerated through word-of-mouth. Reports from people who know the couple are saying that they’ve been having some fights recently, and one of them even caused them to break things off, at least in the heat of the moment, since they seem to still be in contact with each other.

Another source says that Selena has been in New York since before Justin’s birthday (March 1st), and they haven’t even seen each other. That kind of makes us wonder if they were fighting then, and maybe this isn’t a fresh breakup and has been in the works for a couple weeks. Yet another source gave us a little more of an inside look, saying the two have been feeling “pressure” since they have such a high-profile relationship out in the public eye, and that they haven’t really been “seeing eye to eye” on some issues that they’ve had to deal with together. The fact that Selena has been trying to sort of patch things up with her mother, who openly hates Justin, has been causing some more stress in the relationship.

It sounds like, unfortunately, that things between Justin and Selena aren’t going quite as well as we thought. It is possible that the two can work some things out after having their big argument, but we’re probably looking at a Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez breakup 2.0 in the beginning stages here. Hopefully Selena really wasn’t selling her Texas home to move in with Justin, who coincidentally moved himself into a new place at the same time. Maybe we’ll see them patch things up, but we’re not holding our breath. And they looked like the were doing so well too. Check here for some more details on the potential breakup.


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