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By Doug Lazy on July 8, 2010

Well Folks tonight is the night, and when would be a better time for the king to hold his court than prime time television. Tonight 6 pst 9 est on ESPN Lebron James announces what team he will sign with. Many stories are swirling around the superstar and most are thinking that he is leaning to the Miami Heat to play along side his good friends Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Click for more…Think of this as the NFL Draft, were you have rookies sitting around waiting to be called by the owners, but the other way around this time you have owners and general managers waiting by the phone for the king to call. Whatever happens for the teams that want James whether he sings with your favorite team or not the true winner of this spectical that will be held tonight will be The Boys and Girls Club of America gaining all the proceeds from advertisements of the 1 hour “Decision” special. Though eclipsed by all of this Carlos Boozer will sign with the Chicago Bulls for a max contract of around $80 million.

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