No, Ed Sheeran Isn’t Dead Despite Picture In Obituary

Ed Sheeran is NOT dead, despite an obituary running in a newspaper showing his picture next to someone’s obit. See what happened.

By nowproducerdave on January 26, 2018
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

It’s never a good thing to have your picture in an obituary, and Ed Sheeran became the latest person to have his picture posted in a newspaper’s obit section.

It happened in a newspaper from Iceland, called the “Morgunbladid.” It’s clearly Ed, there’s no chance it’s someone else who just looks like him. The key thing though that proves this is an obvious mistake, other than Ed being perfectly healthy and alive, was that the obit in which he was pictured was for an 82-year-old mechanic named Svavar Gunnar SigurĂ°sson. So, no funeral arrangements are being made for Ed (just wedding arrangements), but we wonder how the family of Mr. SigurĂ°sson feels about the mistake.

See the obituary here, with a screenshot of the obituary, since the tweet that showed the obituary has been deleted. There’s also a story about how Ed “melted” the skin off his foot on his 25th birthday. Never heard that story before.

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