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Michael B. Jordan Had The Best Response To A Twitter Hater

Michael B. Jordan had the funniest response to a Twitter hater who was listing off ‘unacceptable’ things about the ‘Black Panther’ star.

Although Michael B. Jordan was on the map before Black Panther, his role in the film definitely propelled him into super stardom.

People have been fawning over him all over social media since the movie’s release. One person, however, had some criticism to throw Michael’s way. The Twitter user wrote:

Michael B Jordan Is A 5’9” Adult Man That Loves Anime & Lives With His Parents….Y’all Told Me All Of Those Things Were Unacceptable Though”


Michael went down and addressed each issue in the funniest response, saying:

“First of All I’m 6ft and they live with ME, put some respeck on my name. LOL…aaaand goku & naruto are real ones lol”


And that’s how you handle Twitter trolls, folks.


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