‘Mangagement Rings’ Are Exploding In Popularity

They’ve been around for years but haven’t been widespread until a few years ago, and now they’re exploding in popularity in modern relationships.

By nowproducerdave on March 8, 2018
(Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images)

Ed Sheeran is probably going to be credited as the trendsetter, despite the fact the rings have been gaining in popularity for a few years. A “mangagement ring” is an engagement ring for men. We didn’t really need to explain that, honestly. Apparently someone got it in their head somewhere back in the 1900s (that sounds so old now, doesn’t it? ugh) that a woman doesn’t have to be the only one in a pre-marriage relationship to wear a ring.

Shortly after announcing that they got engaged, rumors began spinning that Ed Sheeran and his fiancĂ©e Cherry Seaborn got married secretly since he was seen wearing a ring on the wedding-ring finger. Ed later revealed that the ring wasn’t a wedding band, but is instead a sort of male-version of an engagement ring. He also mentioned that Cherry made it herself for him using silver clay and some good old fashioned creativity. Pretty awesome!

We started doing some research, and discovered that the idea for a male engagement ring goes back to the 1920s and even earlier. The jewelry industry tried to market engagement rings for men (complete with diamonds), but the idea of engagement rings then was too feminine, and the attempts at marketing didn’t work out, so the idea died off. It slowly started picking up the pace and becoming a little more normal, but still today, the rings are typically regular, plain bands, usually repurposed wedding bands.

It’s no doubt that we’re going to start seeing these all over the place soon, and we’ll probably even see them sold in matching sets now that modern couples are in to picking out the engagement ring together. Have you seen any guys wearing a mangagement ring? Did he have one during your engagement? Are you an engaged couple who is planning to get one?

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