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Katy Perry Praises Taylor Swift’s Political Posts And Convictions

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have pushed their former feud further behind them, as Perry came out in support of Swift’s recent political posts and convictions.

Tensions have reportedly eased even more, in the former feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

Katy Perry recently came out in support of Swift’s declaration of her political stance. The hard feelings that the two stars held against each other are seemingly put behind them and forgotten, as Perry commented on Swift’s political posts on social media.

According to ET Online, Perry voiced her support in an interview at the amfAR Gala. When asked her thoughts on Swift’s political endorsements, Perry responded positively. “She’s setting a great example,” the singer said.

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This supporting comment comes after years of ongoing feuding between the two pop stars. After years of pointed comments and subtle power moves against each other, the two finally seemed to make peace earlier this year. An apologetic note and literal olive branch sent to Swift seemed to put the bad blood and hard feelings to rest.

In addition to Perry, other celebrities and fans alike have come out in support of Swift’s political commentary.

What are your thoughts on Perry’s outward support of Swift’s political activism?

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