You Shouldn’t Use Live Ammunition As A Halloween Costume Accessory

You especially shouldn’t use live ammunition as a Halloween costume accessory when you’re wearing that costume to class, as the police would like to have a word.

By nowproducerdave on October 31, 2018
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Facepalm moment here for sure when a college student dressed up for Halloween. The costume was a great idea, however it’s a certain accessory that got some attention. The student in question dressed up as The Terminator. Cool, a classic movie character. The facepalm moment came when he made a belt of ammunition out of actual, real, live rounds.

The belt which was worn over one shoulder and around his torso was made using shotgun shells. The shells were apparently real, and it freaked a lot of people out. There’s no question that gun safety and control has been a hot topic. Especially with the number of workplace, school, and public shootings that have been happening recently. Police were called to the school, University of Central Florida, to handle a “suspicious person on campus.”

Police were able to quickly apprehend the person, and took him for questioning. They say that he was carrying no weapons, saying that the student just used the belt as part of his costume. Police then had to issue a statement that really shouldn’t have to be issued. They said that when dressing up, it’s best not to use live ammunition as an accessory. Obviously. Check out some more info over here.

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