WWE Star John Cena Talks Being Bullied [VIDEO]

John Cena voices Ferdinand the bull in the new movie, and despite being a strong and intimidating guy, he reveals he still deals with bullies to this day.

By nowproducerdave on December 8, 2017
(Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)

Yes, even John Cena can’t escape the bullies, especially since “everyone has a voice” online. But he has a pretty good way to handle it, and he revealed it in this interview with Mark S. Allen.

John also talked about the movie with Mark, which you can find more info here from yesterday’s interview with Nick Jonas who wrote some of the songs in the movie, but basically “Ferdinand” is about a bull (voiced by John Cena) who was captured from the wild to be used for bullfighting. It turns out that the animated bull Ferdinand is actually just a gentle giant and has absolutely no interest in fighting, or violence at all. He tries to escape his captors and get home, making some friends along the way who help him make his escape.

Here’s the interview about John Cena being bullied, then and even now, and about how he’s able to handle it and just ignore everything:

Check out the video from the interview here! Yes, that includes video of Mark dressed as a bull running through a “china shop.”

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