A Woman Got A Tattoo Made From Her Late Dad’s Ashes

A woman decided to have a tattoo done that was made with ink and the ashes of her late father, and it looks really nice!

By nowproducerdave on January 19, 2018
(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

This seems like a sweet gesture, and it’s not something we’ve every really thought of, but a woman took her father’s ashes from his cremation, and had them mixed in with tattoo ink.

She wanted to get a charm-bracelet tattooed around her ankle, and she also got a swallow on her foot that resembled the one her dad had on his shoulder. “I feel like dad’s always with me now. I didn’t know what to do with his ashes, apart from scatter them, and I wanted to have a part of him with me all the time. This way I can.”

I mean, yeah, we totally get it, but there’s concern about infection maybe? Or the body sort of rejecting the ink? I mean, I guess it worked, and some people have even said that they’ve heard of it before. Is there a health risk involved?

Pammie says that she scattered her husband’s ashes in a place where he loved to visit, but felt guilty afterwards, feeling like she “threw him away.”

Vicky said that she did the same thing as this woman – she got a tattoo made with her father’s ashes on what would be his first birthday after he died.

Very interesting. Check out the story and pictures here.

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