What Exactly Happens To Our Bodies During Winter Time?

Winter is basically upon us, and our bodies react to the cold in ways that we don’t control, so we’ll break down how it all works right here.

By nowproducerdave on November 7, 2018
(Photo by Darren Staples -WPA Pool /Getty Images)

Our bodies do a lot of really cool things during winter. Some of those things can be pretty annoying, like when your teeth hurt. Here’s a quick run-through of the changes our body makes during the cold months.

First, and probably most obvious – our skin dries out. The air in general is pretty dry during the winter, and our skin takes the brunt of it. Also, we dehydrate just as easily in winter as summer, so staying hydrated is just as – if not more – important that during summer. Next to dry out, we get chapped lips. When our lips are chapped, naturally we want to lick them. But, saliva dries too fast, so then we have to keep licking. Also, saliva contains enzymes that are harsh for our lips, which cause more damage. ChapStick/lip balm is your friend here, and it’s cheap.

What about our muscles? Well, when they’re cold, they tighten up. You have to warm them up, stretch, etc, before starting even simple tasks. It’s easier to hurt yourself, and takes longer to recover as well. Next, unrelated to muscles, we actually build a “better” fat. “White fat” is the stuff we all have a bit of and hate. But there’s also “brown fat.” That’s the type of fat that’s smooth, and helps keep us warm. Brown fat is good, and we want it. There’s a lot more info here, along with how we actually burn more calories more easily, over here.

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