Video Of Man Trying To Ice Skate For The First Time Viewed More Than 2.3 Million Times On Facebook

I’ve seen some funny ice skating videos over the years but this one takes the cake. This video is so hilarious you can’t help but laugh.

By Admin on December 28, 2017
(Photo by Amir Levy/Getty Images)

This video is so hilarious you can’t help but laugh. We have all seen someone on ice skates that has never seen a pair of skates before in their lives, falling and hunched over barely able to move. In this video, that is Jermaine Thompson who hit the ice in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend.

Sherrell Colbert Ross was a stranger to Jermaine who was taking a break from skating and saw Jermaine struggling on the ice and decided to start filming. Her hilarious and infectious laugh in the background is almost as hilarious as Jermaine holding onto the ice rink wall for dear life. She put the video on Facebook and it went viral, shared over 2.3 million times. But that’s not all. She asked if anyone knew this man and someone recognized him. Sherrell and Jermaine became friends on Facebook and have talked every day since. This embarrassing moment caused lots of laughter through its viral status and it caused a brand new friendship.

SOURCE: Daily Mail 

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