(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)
(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

THIS Is The Biggest Rabbit In The World [PICS]

This rabbit is HUGE!

This isn’t your ordinary cute, little bunny. Weighing in at 49 pounds and over 4 feet long, this is the largest rabbit in the world!

Countryrebel.com says that Darius is the worlds largest rabbit! He weighs 49 pounds and measures 4 feet and 4 inches long!


When Guinness World Records measured him back in 2010, Darius was given the title of  “the world’s largest rabbit” and the artcle says that he’s won the “biggest bunny” contest for 8 years after that!

Darius is retired now and living an easy life in U.K. Darius’ owner said that she spends nearly $7,500 a year to feed him. She also added that Darius’ son is almost bigger than he is and may take the Guinness World Records title from his father one day.

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