These Things Should Never Be Touched By Visitors To Your Home

By nowproducerdave on November 21, 2017
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Especially with Thanksgiving just a couple days away, when many of us are hosting people in our homes. There are many things that should just be known to be off-limits by visitors to our house. It’s like an unwritten rule, right? Do you agree with this list? What else would you add?

The first thing that should never be touched is someone’s refrigerator. Unless you’re helping to prepare the Thanksgiving meal, “ask and ‘ye shall receive” in regards to the fridge. Don’t just walk into my house and open the fridge, that’s off-limits. It’s like our bedroom.

The thermostat. I feel like there’s one person in each house who guards the thermostat, and always knows when it’s been messed with. It’s always annoying to find out we had guests over and someone decided to set the thermostat from our desired and cost-saving preference to one extreme or the other, especially if someone was just over for a few minutes meeting to go out. We come home to an oven/ice box a couple hours later and shed a tear for our lost dollars.

The computer. That’s private stuff, salacious or not. A lot happens on a computer – personal social media, work items, financial documents, family photos, all sorts of private things. Never just assume you can use someone’s computer, even if it’s “just to look something up really quick.” This goes out to all those “Facebook hackers” we know.

The stairs. If you invite people to your home for Thanksgiving dinner (or some other social gathering), chances are the center of attention will be in the main parts of the house (kitchen, dining room, living room, etc). There’s no reason to wander around the house, right? Stay with the guests, don’t explore our home without us giving you the tour.

Surprisingly, “pets” made the list of things not to touch. A lot of pets are social and will greet everyone, yes, but even if we invite someone into our home, make sure it’s ok to interact with the pets. Sometimes they’re nervous or shy around new people, maybe they’ll feel threatened by the smell of your own pet, or sometimes they just want a belly rub. Always good to double check.

What would you add to the list? Have you had any guests over who just made themselves too comfortable in your place?


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