The 2020 Oscars Swag Bags Are Worth Over $200,000

WOW-O-WOW! Your mind will be blown after you see what’s inside the Oscars goodie bags, from Milanos cookies to a FANCY 12-day cruise! See more below…

By bonneville on February 10, 2020
(Photo by Robyn BECK / AFP) (Photo by ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images)

Not sure what’s more surprising, how each Oscar statuette is 24-karat gold-plated and costs about $400 or that the goodie bags are SO massive that they’re delivered in multiple suitcases to nominees the week before the ceremony? Either way, celebrities got hooked up with a killer swag bag this year.

According to Forbes, this year’s Oscars goodie bags are each valued at $200,000! All 25 nominees in the acting and directing categories typically get the swag and this year, they’re extra ridiculous. The goodie bags include $25,000 worth of cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures such as lip fillers and chemical peels. Vouchers for a 12-day cruise on a yacht with butler service, two helicopters, and a spa valued at $78,190. Also, a smart bra from Soma that measures a woman for the perfect fit, a year’s membership to a luxury dating service. And something a little odd, the Peezy Midstream, a medical urine collection system that claims to improve the accuracy of testing for infections. Watch more below!

I almost forgot to mention, the cheapest priced item in the bags is a two-pack of dark chocolate Milanos, which costs $4.89 for a set of 10! 

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